Window tinting

Window tinting

Light Smoke – 50% Film

• A very light Tint and gives the windows a light glow to blend in with the rear windows Still providing protection
from fading and discoloring of interiors

Smoke 35% Film

• Allows 35% of light to pass through). Can be applied to vehicles for subtle looks and comfort
• A light Tint and gives your car the natural look
• Once fitted your passengers are visible from outside

Medium Smoke – 20% Film

• Allows 20% of light to pass through). Ideal for protecting young children and pets from the sun without losing
much light and allowing them to see their DVD screens without the annoying glare
• You can give your vehicle the factory tinted look with this film

Limousine Black Film – 5% Film

• Allows 5% of light to pass through). This can be applied to vehicles for maximum privacy
• Impossible to look into the vehicle from outside and acts as a deterrent for smash and grab thefts of tools and


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