Tinting laws

Tinting laws

The Window tinting Regulation was amended from 1st January 2004. This Regulation amendment now clearly rules out any tinted films being applied to driver windows (Front doors). The Regulation states 70% of visible light |must pass through the drivers windows including any other substrate fitted to the glass. Many people misunderstand the regulation and presume that 70% allows a 30% tint – It doesn’t! Clear glass only allows approximately 86% of light to pass & the slight tint of standard manufactured glass varies from the 70% maximum limit up to approx 80% of light passing through.

Just The Tint You Need

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Discover the legal choices for your vehicle by downloading PDF documentation for your local area from the International Window Film Association (by permission of IWFA).

In the U.S., tint laws vary widely by state. To find your state laws, download the IWFA State Law List In Canada, download the IWFA Tint Laws for Canada In Europe


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